Tailor made steel buildings

custom-made Metal Buildings

We have the expertise to assist the customer in all his planning and material needs, because our staff is qualified and specialised in steel manufacturing. Moreover, OMG has always maintained a lean and agile structure, giving priority to customers who express particular and specific requirements.

That’s why we like the nickname that one of our customer has saddled us:

“Tailors of Steel Buildings”

Why build with Steel

We have chosen to specialize in the building of Steel Structures because steel is synonymous with “construction”.

Thanks to steel, architectural structures acquire beauty, prestige and security. The steel gives the constructions flexibility, saving in production and maintenance costs, structural efficiency. It tames easily to the forms of the human imagination.

It is also a non-polluting, non-toxic and easily disposable material.

In the end, thanks to steel, buildings can be built according to earthquake strict standards, conforming to the restrictive rules for building constructions.

The iron structure […] allows to build any architectural form with the utmost readiness, rational elegance and admirable docility The metal framework is the typical structure of the modern building G. Pagano


Look at some examples of Structural Steel