Certification Center Transformation Steel and Metal Framework

Since 1967, when OMG Srl was founded, we put the customer at the center of the whole production process.
When we are in front of the project of a new architectural structure, we put ourselves in the Committent’s shoes and we work with one thought in mind: the final result, as he interpreted it.

  • Maximum relevance between project and expectations;
  • Investment in training on Material engineering, metals in particular;
  • Implementation in accordance with current regulations;
  • Anticipation of possible hidden problems;
  • Strict verification protocols to validate the whole cycle of realization of the Metal Structure;
  • Attention to the final result;
  • Check customer satisfaction step by step.


There is only one thing that no external body to OMG can certify: our passion and commitment to achieve an excellent result.

Certifications and Attestations


  • Certificate of Qualification to the esecution of Public Works (DPR 207/2010)
  • It’s comply with the law which regulate the management systems for the quality in the field of: Construction and Installation of Metal Carpentry
  • UNI EN ISO 3834-2:2006 for the Construction and Installation of Metal Carpentry (Settore EA : 17 – 28)
  • Steel Transformation Center

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