Metal Carpentry and Metalworking

All the Metal Carpentry and Metalworking works are carried out by a qualified and specialised staff and supported by relevant training courses.
The Engineering group and the technical staff are experienced in making artisan Metal Carpentry works.

Metal Carpentry: “tailor made” projects

We are able to carry out tailor made projects, even starting from the Customer design. We take an active part in the consulting phase and we know how to knead metals using sophisticated industrial machinery and artisan labour.

Have a look at our Metal Carpentry certifications

[Metal Blanking, Cutting and Drilling

We carry out Drilling, Blanking, Cutting, Oxifuel cutting, Numerical control punching and Shearing on laminated steel “S 235 – 275 – 355”.

[Metal cutting

We perform Plasma Cutting works on laminated steel “S 235 – 275 – 355”.

[Metal Stamping and Bending

We provide a Bending on laminated steel “S 235 – 275 – 355”.

 [Metal Assembly and Welding

Assembly and Welding of metal carpentry


All OMG Srl Metalworking services are performed with expertise and professionalism by continually updated and highly specialised staff with forty years of experience in this field.

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