Eternit Asbestos Reclamation

Eternit Asbestos Reclamation


OMG Srl is a company qualified in the Removal and Disposal of Asbestos-containing Plates

Before carrying out any reclamation of sites with any type of asbestos (roofings, pipes, tanks, etc.), it’s essential to get the permission of the competent Authorities and make sure that all operations are carried out in full respect of operators and environment safety.

That’s why each disposal, removal or coverage operation must garantee maximum speed, security and reliability in the management of the activity.

OMG Srl uses all the modern techniques to ensure a proper and safe reclamation of the site:

  • Removal: the layer of asbestos is completely removed and assimilated in approved landfills;
  • Encapsulation: the artifacts made of asbestos or contamined by it are treated with suitable products which will avoid the risk of contamination (fibers dispersion etc.) without displacing them.



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  • Carried out the survey with our specialised staff we can prepare a detailed estimate based on the service requested.


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