Steel structures construction: Activities and services

we operate in the following areas


[Steel Structures Warehouses:

We build Warehouses for Industrial, Commercial, Agricultural, Zootechnical and Handicraft fields. Turnkey delivery on request.

[Metalworks for Civil, Commercial and Industrial Buildings:

We make multi-storey structures for Industrial, Civil and Public Buildings.

[Metal Carpentry:

We care about the realization of Metal Carpentry for Industrial Equipment, Renovation of Civil, Religious, Industrial Buildings and seismic Adjustments.

[Security Stairs:

We deal with the construction of Steel Security Stairs intended to Public and Private Buildings.

Services for Steel

[Steel structures for Photovoltaic Systems:

We provide to the removal of the old asbestos roofings and apply the new support structures suitable for Photovoltaic Systems both on land and on the roofs.

[Asbestos reclamation:

We remove shingles containing asbestos and we deal with encapsulation and the remake of new roofs.


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