for factories and shops

Steel Mezzanines are the best solution to gain new spaces using the height of the places.

Every steel mezzanine can be built on multiple levels and used for the material storage, to increase the working areas, or to destine some areas to the sale and to the display of the merchandise.

We build Steel Mezzanines of all the sizes and custom-made, oriented to internal and external locations.

Every steel mezzanine made by OMG has several features:

  • It helps you to use the headroom
  • You can decide its payload
  • Professional assembly with specialized labour
  • Perfect integration with the ambiance
  • Extreme quality materials
  • Custom-tailored design


We Design and Build Steel Mezzanines intended for shops and industrial warehouses, even for external locations, drawing with CAD and simulating the final result. Professional and high-performance computing capacity instrumentations and our expert advice and assistance from the drawing to the installation guarantee the positive result of the final test.

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STEEL MEZZANINE 0.1 HA - Apricena (FG) - Italy - Year 2011

STEEL MEZZANINE 0.12 HA - Paglieta (CH) - Italy - Year 2007



I would like to Receive an Estimate or Information